Identity, website and collateral

Founded in 2020 by Brooklyn-based filmmaker and screenwriter, Demetrios Cokinos, Stellabelle is a production company created to showcase his own original works, along with works by his creative partners. Cokinos brings a decade of experience to the venture: he’s worked on seminal TV projects like 30 Rock, Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Dickinson and Invasion.

Stellabelle’s first short film Lightning’s Echo (2021) is a magical realism story about a grief-stricken man who finds a way to capture lighting in a jar. It was an official 2022 selection in Boston’s SciFi Fest, a 2021 semi-finalist at The Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival and Platinum Remi Award Winner for Best Short Film (Dramatic) at The 55th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

FAY was engaged to design Stellabelle’s visual identity, animated assets and other collateral items. The result—at once fresh and nostalgic—is symbol-forward, integrating common literary marks like the asterisk and em dash to reflect its screenwriter’s background.

Founder Demetrios Cokinos on set

The name Stellabelle is a dedication to Cokinos’ grandmother, Stella, who was known by the nickname Stellabelle

A logo animation fit for screen

The symbol set used throughout the system consists of literary marks—referencing Cokinos strong screenwriting background—as well as an aserisk/star in honor of Stella

A new production company

Stellabelle was founded in 2020 by filmmaker Demetrios Cokinos to begin showcasing his own original work along with that of other creative partners

A bright primary color palette referencing VHS color bars

Lightning’s Echo, Stellabelle’s first short film premiered in 2021

Cokinos’ signature cap

Website design. Trailer video courtesy of Stellabelle

The logo pops on screen and in print—engraved business cards on dyed black stock

Stellabelle Sweatshirt designed by FAY.

Project team

Aron Fay
Will Ferguson
Devon Merlette

Client team

Demetrios Cokinos