Center for Constructive Communication

Identity, brand architecture, website and collateral

The Center for Constructive Communication (CCC) is a seminal lab and workshop housed at the MIT Media Lab, conducting exploratory research on how humans communicate in the age of social media and advanced social networks. Two connected sub-groups—technologists and humanists—work together to research, design, build and test new solutions. They also collaborate with experienced local organizations across the US, enabling them to launch impactful pilot programs across a range of different communities.

FAY was asked to develop a visual identity and website for the center, signaling its evolution from a traditional research lab to a more robust, inclusive initiative. In addition to the logo, an ownable graphic toolkit was built, integrating key elements of the MIT Media Lab master brand. FAY worked closely with the center on the design of its website, from content strategy to visual design, as well as collateral that spanned across a wide range of communication-focused collateral and swag.

Deb Roy is Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT where he directs the MIT Center for Constructive Communication

Based at the MIT Media Lab

CCC develops methods for understanding current social and mass media ecosystems, designing new communications tools and spaces for bridging interpersonal divides

The symbol’s three rotated Cs, in conversation with one another—their negative space revealing a network. The wordmark is set in Neue Haas Grotesk, with custom modifications by Commercial Type

A variation of the traditional Neue Haas Grotesk typeface (also used by the MIT Media Lab) contains rounded tittles, periods, and other typographic details—creating a more human feel that also reflects the geometry used in CCC’s symbol

The C symbol, split from its trio, can help illustrate the dynamics of how we communicate, in a variety of manners

CCC has garnered national attention. Barack Obama said, “We need to figure out how to give … us a chance to build up civic muscles” in his speech on disinformation, mentioning the “great work” being done at CCC

The website design is clean and accessible, fusing pared-back copy with supersized illustrative elements

Social media templates. Photograph (left) by Melanie Gonick/MIT

Project team

Aron Fay
Kees Bakker
Will Ferguson
Daisy Lee

Client team

Deb Roy
Russell Stevens
Ellen Hoffman
Perris Richter


Commercial Type