Identity, website, collateral and animation

so&so, short for Symphony Orchestra and Select Others, is a collective of progressive classical musicians bumping against their genre’s performance norms. Based in New York City, so&so host events and perform in venues that engage younger classical fans: think listening to the greatest hits of baroque opera on a building rooftop, in nature or in a spotlit industrial loft.

The ensemble engaged FAY for a full brand system, including naming, strategy, the design of a visual identity system, print collateral, social media graphics and a website. The resulting brand references the tradition of modernist concert posters from the 60s, infused with a bold, colorful contemporary aesthetic, derived from their signature use of event lighting. The resulting mix is meant to also evoke synesthesia—music as color—a theme that gets deployed throughout their events.

so&so’s wordmark is set in the typeface Roobert, with a customized ampersand. The typeface is embedded in music counterculture: originally designed for Moog Festival—an electronic music event—and named after Robert Moog, inventor of Moog synthesizers

The name so&so represents the group’s co-founders—classical musicians Christine Chen and Daniel Zinn

Reimagine classical

We bring the music of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and more to the 21st century through innovative experiences

First movement, a collaboration between choreographer Or Meir Schreiber and a chamber orchestra, at Brooklyn Army Terminal

Roobert was chosen for its bold, modern characteristics—allowing for large typographic moments throughout the visual system

Each show has a unique graphic motif derived from the event’s music selection and lighting design

The poster system pairs minimal type with hits of color, their changing shades suggesting shifts in sound

The system was designed to strike a balance between classic 60s posters in the International Typographic Style and a more contemporary aesthetic, a nod to the dualism of so&so programming

so & so website homepage designed by FAY.

A chamber orchestra performs Mahler 1 under custom lighting at Brooklyn Army Terminal

Programs designed for each of the events feature large typographic moments throughout

so&so program designed by FAY.

Project team

Aron Fay
Will Ferguson
Devon Merlette

Client team

Christine Chen
Daniel Zinn