Grid App is a custom generative design tool designed by FAY.

Grid App

Web-based generative design tool

The Grid App is a web-based, generative design tool, allowing fast prototyping of grid-based compositions. Designers and novices alike can upload vector-based image files—then seamlessly move, scale, crop, rotate and color uploaded art as they choose. The app allows for grid units to be adjusted individually or together simultaneously, using the app’s local and global modes. A key feature of the app is its randomized functions—allowing the user to transform all variables simultaneously, generating beautiful and unexpected results.

FAY developed the Grid App to interface with a vast range of external inputs and outputs. The possibilities are (almost) endless. For example, a user might sync the app with a music source, where the music’s pitch can be used to control different parameters within the app. Or a user might use the scent of different objects to control visual compositions—there are many possibilities… Real-time visuals can also be interfaced with displays such as an LED matrix, or used as an input source in conjunction with other tech. To date, the Grid App has been used to generate client visuals, translate sound into image, VJ events in real time and produce artworks with input from different sensor technologies.

Grid App is part of our ongoing LAB initiative, where FAY experiments and conducts R&D with new emerging technologies with the hopes of advancing and bettering the ways in we communicate in the future.

Grid App is not currently available to the public. To commission similar, or other bespoke generative tools and software, please submit a new business inquiry via the information provided on our contact page.

Grid App in use in ‘global’ mode, from uploading imagery to iterating on its layout

Rapid prototyping tool.

‘Local’ mode allows for the editing of individual grid units

Typography created using FAY's Grid App.

Example of the app slicing, dicing and combining simple input text, into a dynamic composition

A simple, number-based exploration illustrates the app’s compositional potential

Design assets for input into FAY's Grid App.

Simple text and graphics can be input…

The Grid App is designed by FAY and utilizes a simple user interface.

…to create more dynamic compositions

Rapid prototyping compositions with the Grid App, designed by FAY.

The app excels in creating a range of variations using the same inputs

The UI elements from the app, laid out using the Grid App

Image example generated by the Grid App and designed by FAY.

An exploration using text, graphics and a beautiful photograph by Brian Kelley

Image example generated by the Grid App and designed by FAY.

A few of the resulting compositions

Imagery generated by the Grid App.

Grid allows for the export of vector artwork—here, it’s applied to swag

Graphics generated by the Grid App.

Wraparound compositions show how grid can easily generate cohesive and memorable brand packaging—making it ideal for startups, students and designers

Graphics generated by the Grid App.

Using the app to create text-based packaging

Imagery generated by the Grid App.

The tool can output graphics suitable across a wide-range of applications

Graphic layouts generated using the creative technology from FAY's Grid App.
Billboard graphics generated using the image generation of FAY's Grid App.

Project team

Aron Fay
Guillermo Montecinos
Daisy Lee
Chi Hao Chang

Will Ferguson


Brian Kelley