Suite of collateral designed by FAY for Paradigm.


Identity, website and collateral

Launched by Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam and former Sequoia Capital partner Matt Huang, Paradigm is an ambitious investment firm boasting a massive 2.5 billion dollar venture fund, one of the largest in the world to date (at the time of writing). It invests globally across multiple development stages—adopting a flexible, long-term approach—from future Web3 companies in the early stages of idea formation to high-growth businesses and cryptocurrencies.

Paradigm enlisted FAY to design their visual identity, website, social media assets and a full suite of collateral. Paradigm’s symbol references a Möbius loop, a symbol whose structure upends formal convention—echoing Paradigm’s investment philosophy, with a focus on category. It’s supported with sleek, digestible sans-serif typography and underpinned with a palette of black, white and ‘digital’ green.

Logic of the symbol designed by FAY for Paradigm.

Paradigm’s symbol is modeled after a Möbius loop, a form that challenges convention and perception. It, as a metaphor, closely relates to Paradigm’s business philosophy and the technologies that it invests in

Isometric grid used to design the Paradigm logo.

The symbol is drawn on an isometric grid system and optimized for use at all scales

Paradigm's symbol on a green background.
Paradigm logo, designed by graphic design studio FAY.

Typeset in a customized version of Riforma, the logo feels both technical and modern while also projecting the stability and security Paradigm is renowned for as a leader in the space

Paradigm, Fred Ehrsam.
Paradigm, Matt Huang.

Co-founders Fred Ehrsam and Matt Huang, respectively

Founded in 2018

Paradigm backs disruptive crypto/Web3 companies and protocols with as little as $1M and as much as $100M+.

Paradigm's typographic system designed by FAY.

The sans serif Riforma by Lineto Type Foundry and monospace NB International™ Pro Mono by Neubau form the typographic palette

Paradigm's color palette.

A focused but flexible color palette

Paradigm event lanyard designed by FAY.
Paradigm's debossed symbol, designed by FAY.

A minimal website speaks to the founder’s and firm’s aesthetic while housing an extensive amount of information, writing and more

Paradigm social media graphic designed by FAY.

An example of the visual language being applied to a a social media graphic

Paradigm symbol for use in social media designed by FAY.
Tote bag for Paradigm designed by FAY.

Project team

Aron Fay
Will Ferguson

Client team

Fred Ehrsam
Matt Huang
Alana Palmedo