MIT Schwarzman College of Computing

Event graphics, website, signage and animation

Founded in 2019, the MIT Schwarzman College of Computing is an innovation-driven multidisciplinary center—educating students on the latest advances in computing and artificial intelligence—and their tie across industries.

Before solidifying the group’s full visual identity, MIT approached FAY to lead the soft launch, designing an event-specific identity and microsite for a three-day event celebrating the announcement of the new college. The solution needed to acknowledge these multi-disciplinary efforts in a monumental way—highlighting it as the first College in MIT’s history.

The college aims for the study of AI to be woven into all curricula, with the college ‘sitting above’ six constituent schools. (In this way, the college forms a root system that extends to the six schools beneath it, sustaining and nourishing new forms of knowledge as part of a single ecosystem.)

FAY brought this analogy to life with an MIT twist: a custom-drawn circuit board, the engineering equivalent of a root system. The metaphor-pattern flexed across launch identity platforms, from screen-based graphics, animations, printed and digital collateral and a microsite.

A custom circuit board pattern doubles as a metaphor for the college’s relationship to its six connected schools

The event’s theme riffed off common programming syntax: “Hello World”

In reverence to MIT’s larger design strategy, the college name is typeset in Neue Haas Grotesk

The circuit board motif, zoomed out

A poster series, deployed throughout MIT, showcasing programming for the three-day opening event

Event lanyard

Digital invitation

No short circuits here. Custom iconography was used across event signage, from wayfinding symbols to martini silhouettes

Event microsite design

Flyers on campus

Event signage, featuring the adaptive circuit board in action

Print programs spanning the educational experience, each day’s programming with its own colorway

Street banners on campus

Project team

Aron Fay
Kees Bakker

Client team

Bara Blender